Men desires to cheat can often be attributed to the fact that they are biologically polygamous and women cheat because of a lack of security in a relationship. Regardless of the state of personal matters at home, vanity or insecurity issues it have nothing to do with why many men and women cheat. We can draw the comparison with someone who is dependant on substances like alcohol or drugs where there is a dependency issue that requires a decision whether to cross the line or not. For some of us, it simply comes down to biology.

Thankfully, not all of us are destined to cheat and lead double lives. There isn’t usually a particular reason that sends us into the arms of another, yet it’s the gradual build up of seemingly insignificant complacencies that cause the bubble to burst.

Commitment, marriage, joint financial arrangements and loss of self identity can all lead to complacency. When a couple buries themselves in a stressful environment, they forget about each other. A pattern of self survival becomes evident and the once cherished union becomes two different worlds.

Relationships that lack maintenance and communication are prime candidates for infidelity. When women stop receiving special attention from their partner, it’s difficult for her to be all perky and sexy when her self confidence is shot. Once a relationship reaches this declining level the sex usually declines as well and men will often seek a new sex partner blaming his partners low sex drive as opposed to the reasons that caused the relationship to break down in the first place.

For some men though, nothing is ever enough to keep them loyal – Even the best dish becomes boring if you have it every day

Both genders cheat, but it’s how you handle being cheated on that matters. Most people will fly into an angry rage with the thought of revenge ringing loudly. Others just walk away by suppressing their pain.

People cheat because they have no real concept of the importance of love. Their main focus in life is indulging in core base like animal pleasure, becoming increasingly immoral and damaging any and every person that crosses their path.

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