Why Are Women Walking Away from The 9 to 5? In the last 10 years, more women are leaving the corporate world to start a business of their own and it is no wonder. With demanding bosses, salary caps and grueling hours away from family, women are turning to other options to satisfy their need for a work/life balance as well as a viable income.

Why Women Are Walking Away from The 9 to 5
Why Women Are Walking Away from The 9 to 5

In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce found that the number of women-owned businesses grew by 44% from 1997-2007. That’s a substantial jump!

Professional women have many options when giving up the 9-5 to start a business of their own. What may come as a surprise to many is the model of choice for these business savvy women.

Network marketing and direct sales companies are increasing in popularity as a viable business option. Network marketing businesses are not the stereotypical “door to door” and “home party” business models many assume them to be.

Take a look at 6 reasons why professional women are turning to and thriving in network marketing.

Work/Life Balance

Corporate life causes sacrifices, stress, and burnout. Network marketing provides more control over your daily schedule which, in turn, means more time for family and self.

Women are recognizing that, with direct sales, they can truly “have it all” including a high income and a flexible schedule.

For example, a corporate mom will miss many of her children’s events due to last minute meetings, traffic on her commute home, or an overwhelming workload that demands time beyond 5 pm.

A mom in network marketing, on the other hand, is able to attend her children’s events while building her business via her smartphone or simply by networking with other parents at the events.

Independence and Teamwork

As a direct marketer, you are in business for yourself but you’re not “by yourself”. In other words, as soon as you join your direct sales company you become part of a team that will offer support, motivation, and on-going training as you build your business.

Low Monthly Overhead

While the thought of starting a brick and mortar business may seem exciting, it can be expensive. You will need to rent or purchase a location, keep up with the overhead and stock inventory.

Rewards and Incentives

How would you like to receive a free car just for building a strong business? Most corporate jobs will not reward you in ways that network marketing companies will.

Cash bonuses, jewelry, all-expense-paid vacations, and luxury cars are common incentives that are very reachable goals in many well-structured network marketing companies.

Get Rewarded for Being You

Indirect sales, characteristics that are often discouraged in corporate America such as emotion, authenticity, kindness, abundance, and leadership are rewarded.

As these traits are allowed to flourish, it is very common for women in networking marketing to experience amazing leaps of professional and personal development as they develop a new found sense of accomplishment in their business.

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