Who is the Best Zodiac Lover? The answer to this question is knowing your Venus sign.  Venus is all about how you love and what really matters to you in relationships.

If you want to know about why you love the way you do or find the key to someone else’s heart, knowing which sign Venus is in is a huge befit!

Below are guidelines that go into greater detail about the types of  Venus lover you might expect from each Zodiac Sign.

Aries: The Minute Man
This fire sign is known for being a pretty straight shooter. Aries will have no reserve at all when it comes to sharing his or her raunchy ideas.

The problem with straight shooters, though, is that they always like to get right to the point. So count on an Aries to take charge and get you where you want to go—in a hurry.

Taurus: The Romancer
Where Aries is all about lusty impulse, Taurus takes his or her time. Plan on being wined and dined, and seduced.

Once the Taurus has decided you’re the one for the job, prepare yourself for a seductive and sensual ride. If romance is your thing, Taurus is your sign.

Gemini: The Talker
The Gemini will bring all his or her intellect into getting you bare! If you have a simpler, quieter taste, you might be a little shocked by Gemini’s saucy, seductive monologues.

But if phone sex and dirty talking get your motor humming, a Gemini is what you’re looking for. But be prepared to not get a word in edgewise.

Cancer: The Love Maker
Cancers are highly emotional, which means that sex is not merely a mechanical physical undertaking.

If you’re going to get naked with a Cancer, prepare yourself for some post-coital crying.

Leo: The Narcissist
The passionate and adventurous nature of the Leo cannot be surpassed. There is no end to the imaginative ways a Leo will come up with for you to pleasure him or her.

Those cats are born sexual dominants who ooze with lusty confidence– and they’re unapologetic about it. A sexually experience with the lion will be memorable, for sure!

Virgo: The Closet Nympho
You might be surprised to learn that shy, demurring Virgo would ever be ready to rock without a fistful of condoms and spanking clean bed sheets.

The reserved demeanor of the earthy virgins doesn’t hint at their inner lustiness. Once your Virgo knows and trusts you, watch out. You won’t get a moment’s peace.

Libra: The Connoisseur
The Libra is an artist when it comes to knocking boots. They seek out a perfect harmony with their partner. They take pleasure in romantic accouterments such as lingerie, massage oil, and soft music. If your fantasy is staring in the hottest prone movie, Venus in Libra would be the best co-star!

Scorpio: The Leg-Humper
Fiery, licentious Scorpio is the horndog of the zodiac. While their sexual prowess and magnetism can hardly be ignored, getting in bed with a scorpion can have its sting.

While you will probably get the ride of your life, Scorpio’s love ’em and leave ’em approach to sex could leave less lusty signs cold.

Sagittarius: The Don Juan 
A master of the art of seduction, a Sagittarius is all about the hunt. They hone their powers of seduction, pouncing upon their objects of desire only after rendering them utterly helpless in the face of their sexual deftness.

Capricorn: The Slow Boat
Capricorn can come across as a lumbering kind of lover. Slow to make the first move, patient to the point of impertinence once the ball does get rolling.

Caps may not wow with skill and energy in the sack, but they will steadily, diligently apply themselves to the all-you-can-eat buffet of their lover. Be patient with a Capricorn, and you will be well rewarded.

Aquarius: The Toy Collector
If you’re someone who is put off by the idea of a velvet box full of scintillating, slippery, and battery-operated accouterments under your lover’s bed, it’s best you steer clear of Aquarius.

Always ready to experiment with any number of the paths to pleasing themselves and their partners, the Aquarian will bring more to the party than some signs can take.

Pisces: Old Faithful
Much like Cancer, Pisces will value the emotional connectivity of sex over the physical one. Passion, love, attention, patience—these will all come into play with your Pisces lover.

But you’ll likely have to do most of the work. The fish are notoriously lazy lays, preferring to kick back and bask in the attention of their beloved.

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