Passion -vs- Compassion Do You Know the Difference? For years, people have pondered and researched the word “love,” and the elements attached to it wondering, “How can this four – letter word cause so much pain in a person’s life?” Defining “love” has always been somewhat of a mystery, (a love which has many variables), and changes like the seasons.

Passionate love is one of the most powerful emotions that we can experience. It has the capacity to drive us into experiences that we would have never taken otherwise. It makes our heart beat and our mind to fog. Passionate love may be addicting to the point of intoxication.

Passion versus compassion

Image Source: drawn by Nina Paley

The driver behind such tense emotion is known as ‘love chemicals’ and when activated leave a person in a hypnotic state of mind.passion versus compassion

Image Source: drawn by Nina Paley

It may also leave us dizzy and disoriented. It is helpful to logically understand what passionate love is and how to manage this most uncontrollable of emotions.

 passion versus compassion

Compassionate love on the other hand, may not be as wild as passionate love.  Hence, it is more secure love which builds over time.

This type of love provides you the security that the relationship will surpass the trials through consistency, repetition, and tolerance.

The common misconception most people make is they assume “passionate love” should be the driving force in lasting relationship-regrettably, no high lasts forever.

Keep in mind, passion can provide a jump-start to a relationship or a sense of pizzazz during a relationship, but it can never sustain the relationship forever.

Love should be the friendship that has grown over time, which is unyielding and stood the test of time.”

The sustainability for a sound relationship is mutual respect, communication, acceptance, and intimacy.

If allowed, the passion can transform into a compassion and understanding, thus, creating a relationship that will become stronger as time passes.

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