Natural Hair Styles took off in 2016! as women of color began to embrace their beautiful texture. In 2017 it will continue to hold it’s place!  You will see more color such as gray, pastel, and platinum providing a Gorjez sophisticated look!


The Parted Afro

The Parted Afro
The Parted Afro

Going natural is in some ways like coming out of the closet and accepting the person your are. Natural hair has a deep history and it is a powerful symbol. In 2017 you will see more women of color becoming comfortable with their hair texture.


The Twisted Fro

Twisted Fro Will be a Hit in 2017
Twisted Fro Will be a Hit in 2017

The Twisted Fro actually made it’s debut in 2015 and became fierce in 2016! More than 30,000 people flocked to Atlanta 2016 for Taliah Waajid’s annual hair show-which featured mind-blowing display of creative coifs and afros.

Two Tone Curls

Two Tone Color for Natural Hair
Two Tone Color for Natural Hair Styles

Yes my Gorjez ladies you will see more and more color in #2017! Two tone will definitely be on the top of the fashion list.


Natural Waves

Natural Loose Wave
Natural Loose Wave for The Sophisticated Woman

#2017 be the year of fashion and sophistication! and long loose wave will fit the bill. From casual to formal, this hairstyle will compliment any outfit.

Natural Updos

Gorjez Soft Curl Updo
Gorjez Soft Curl Updo

Going naturally Gorjez is a mindset…you are what you feel! Spring of #2017 many women will be going for the natural updo look. From soft curls to the natural puff women of color will be fierce and stylish!


Afro Puff

Twist Out

Gorjez Twist Outs
Gorjez Twist Outs

Twist outs will take on a whole new meaning in #2017. Women will become more creative and innovative!

Gorjez Twist Outs
Gorjez Twist Outs

Braids with a Twist!

Braids don’t have to be very long – a shoulder-length style is just as lovely and oftentimes more practical. The thicker the twists, the more volume you’ll get as a final result. Some women love to have tightly bound twists, while others go for a looser, more romantic look. Whatever you choose, this is a convenient yet beautiful hairstyle in #2017!

Goddess Braids


Goddess Braids also known as  halo braids or crown braids ,  The Goddess hairstyle is reminiscent of royalty and give you a very distinguished look in #2017.

Box Braids

Perhaps the most amazing trend for the coming 2017 in black hairstyles will be the multi colored box jumbo braids. Colorful extensions have always been trendy, but these exceptional, joyful and bright multi colored will be a bigger hit in 2017

2017 Will Be All About Self Expression…..So My Gorjez Ladies Whatever Natural Hair Style You Choose to Rock 2017

Embrace your beautiful, natural texture.

Have fun with your natural hair

Rediscover your creativity.

You rocking your natural hair will inspire the next generation, who is watching every move you make. Our daughters, sisters and friends will see a strong black woman wearing their natural hair and want to do the same.

The world is watching and admiring your beauty -it’s time for you to embrace it and do the same.

When you’re natural, your hair becomes another accessory in your ever-changing look. You probably often get comments from people complimenting you on how often you mix up your look. Embrace your natural beauty in 2017.

Think Different – Think Gorjez!

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