What would it be like to uncover a part of yourself that you didn’t even know was missing? If you were to be able to uncover that part, would you be curious how this could make you feel… perhaps more alive and authentically yourself?

We often talk about the concept of “coming back to wholeness, but, unable to break the spell.” Pieces of us can get lost or buried without us even knowing. Societal influences, inheritance of familial beliefs, childhood messages, and personal trauma all shape who we are and can lead us away from our true spirit and inner knowingness.

Sexuality is perhaps the part of us that has received the most negative conditioning and suppression. While condemning of sexuality is widespread amongst all cultures and genders, women in particular bear the brunt of shaming.

For example, a man who has a strong sexual appetite is called a “stud” whereas a woman is called a “slut.”

Furthermore, in this patriarchal society, women are required to act more masculine in order to fit in at the expense of expressing their natural feminine essence. Most women don’t even realize that this is an issue until someone shows them another way.

That’s where healing comes in. The mind holds memories that can linger even if we can rationally understand them. We can look at early childhood wounding and see how it continues to play out in our current life.

Break the spell and reconnect to your feminine joyous self! By learning to reprogramming your mind you can recreate certain experiences that are no longer serving you.

As we listen to our mind, memories come up that we would have never thought to look at otherwise. We can re-experience the original trauma (in a safe and nurturing way) and create a new experience – one that supports and transforms our lives for the better.

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