Holiday sexting’ is a wonderful gift for that special someone. There’s nothing that can make your guy anticipate sex more than dirty games over text.
The beauty of these games is that you’re free to express whatever you feel because there are no set rules!

Sexting also present the perfect platform to express your most seductive feelings which you’d have a hard time saying to your boyfriend face-to-face.

Sexting help takes the art of seduction and romance to the next level which in essence makes the relationship more exciting. Sexting relatively easy to initiate and at the climax of each text, your guy would be excited to see you!

Here are five games you can play:

The naughty questions game
This one like the name suggests involves an exchange of hot, steamy texts all seeking to get answers to some naughty questions.

To play this game and reach the intended goal, start on an innocent note and keep the momentum going as the game escalates. The game basically involves asking your guy what he wants and you answer him in a naughty way.

As the game progresses he will join in and start asking you dirty questions. The game becomes hotter as the questions get naughtier.

The sexting game
This is more or less like having sex over the phone but through text messages. It involves creating a love scene and talking about having sex with your man. The simplest way to start this is to ask your boyfriend what he is doing.

Proceed to tell him that you’re in bed and ask him if he wants to join you. Of course, he wants to. Get more and more sexual as he responds to a point of making him touch himself on the other end, which is virtually the point of the game.

The daring game
This is one of the dirty games to play with your boyfriend that is bound to turn both of you on by the time you’re done playing. It involves daring your partner to answer a random naughty question or asking them to act it out.

With the advent of Smartphones, it’s best played by exchanging naughty pictures. Imagine dating your boyfriend to share a picture of his erect penis. He can also dare you to send a photo of your breasts and so on. While this game can be steamy, don’t forget to delete the pictures once you’re through playing the game.

The game of confession
Let’s face it, we’ve all have been through various sexual encounters in our lives; some good, some not so good. The confession game involves revealing the deepest kept sexual secrets. Don’t take the confession game too seriously; after all, it’s just a game.
Ask your man what are some of the most embarrassing sexual encounters he’s had, how his first blowjob felt, how it was like to lick the girlfriend’s breasts and such kinds of stuff.

So that the game doesn’t seem to dwell on his past relationships only, you can ask him how it feels to be in bed with you, his favorite positions and the best sexual encounter he’s ever had with you.

If you were… This is the game you play when you want to create sexual tension in a safe way. It’s the kind of game you play with your boyfriend if you’re not used to him.
It involves asking him naughty questions and building on the answers to make the game dirtier. For instance, you can ask him “if you were not texting me what would you be doing?”

Get naughtier as the game progresses. You can even ask him “if you were here what would you do to me? When it’s your turn to answer the questions make sure that the answer you give him will lead to another naughty question.

Playing naughty and dirty games with your boyfriend is the new way to flirt. It lets you dig deep into each other’s sexual desires and in the process brings you closer sexually. These dirty games will get him into a sexual mood in no time. The more you play them, the more you warm up to the idea of making out on the next date.

Dirty texting your partner before you physically meet him later in the day is a perfect way to create sexual suspense. When you send him texts that are aimed at creating very descriptive pictures of your naked body you can be sure that he will be full of desire the next time he lays his eyes on you. Here are some examples of dirty texting that you can send him right now! Use these dirty talk lines on him tonight!

Holiday Sexting
Friday, July 8, 2016
Written By:
Ethyleen Mungin

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