Great Tips for Aging Eyes: Go Warmer. Keep your eyes youthful look by following the following 7 steps:

1. Go warmer

With eye shadow hues, that is. Gray shades and cool browns will only make your eyes look tired. Go for Gorjez warm tones; anything that resembles light or warmth creates the illusion being well-rested. For lighter skin tones, stick to vanilla or light mocha bases; darker skin benefits from peachy oranges or yellow-golds

2. Use a double-duty concealer

Women turning 40, Water retention is inevitable which means so are those dark circles under your eyes. Make your concealer work a double shift by choosing one with yellow undertones,

3. Always prime

Normally, less is more when it comes to the amount of product you put on your eyes—but prepping your lids for color is necessary, even if you don’t plan on wearing shadow or liner. Primer will smooth and correct the color of your lids, making them look younger and Gorjez in seconds, and if you do want a little extra color on your lids, primer will prevent creasing.

4. Make it matte.

When you put shimmer on top of skin that’s wrinkled, it can actually age you more by drawing attention to those areas. When You’re Over 40 a matted shadow will smooth out the eyelid, concealing any fine lines. But if you’re aching for a little extra shine, add it to the corner of the eye—just enough to add a little Gorjez pop when the light hits it!

5. Avoid liquids at all costs

 As you age, thick, harsh lines are the enemy, so liquid liners are a definite “don’t.” Using a gel liner will give you more control on the depth of the color and application. But keep it thin! By keeping your liner line fine and as close to your lashes as possible, you’re creating the  illusion of a thicker, darker lash line and a more defined eyes for women over 40.

6. Go back to black

Black mascara is universally flattering—but application is key! Take your mascara wand, wipe almost all of the product off on the sides of the tube, and then swipe your lashes, That way, you will get the definition of black mascara without the c lumpiness that often comes with it. Focus on your top lashes, only.  Stay away from applying product to the bottom lashes, even waterproof mascara, will flake and add more darkness to the area under your eyes.

7. Bump up your brow game

To make your eyes really stand out, women over 40 need to pay attention to your brows—especially as you age and hair thins out. But instead of penciling them in, use a shadow that matches your brow color. Everyone can benefit from making their brows look a little more present, so take a bit of powder eye shadow on a small fluffy brush and brush it through the brow. That way, you’re not filling them in as much as giving them a tint for a little extra oomph.

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