Expert Vs. Leader, What’s The Difference? Defining the difference between an “expert” and “leader”. Do you think to be an expert in a given field is enough to win the contract? Or is being the leader essential?

I remember when I first started my coaching business. The idea of saying I was an expert gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach. After all, who was I to say I was an expert? Wouldn’t that be bragging or worse – wouldn’t I be laughed at if I didn’t know the answer to a question?

These thoughts and feelings come up for many people when they begin their businesses. Yet it’s a necessary evil because having expert status has always been a cornerstone of your bran

For instance, you don’t typically see commercials proclaiming “we sort of know what we’re doing.”

No Sir,  you see commercials  declaring “we are the BEST at solving your problem.”

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

is important because people want to work with service providers that understand what they’re going through and can guide them to a solution.

A  leader goes beyond expert status- they aren’t just sharing knowledge, they have a message to share and challenge the way you think about a subject.

You see an expert possesses a special skill or knowledge in a particular area. They are a trusted adviser, they tell you how to do things you couldn’t do yourself because you haven’t reached the same level of mastery.

A leader doesn’t just tell you they help you experience it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

A Leader

has so much expertise in their area that they have the confidence to challenge the status quo and introduce new paradigms. They demonstrate their mastery by stepping out of the box.

They have a mission and a message that they are passionate about sharing with the world.

If you want people to hire you for the job then being an expert is not enough. If your goal is to effect change and inspire people to change the way they look at the world then positioning yourself as a leader is essential.

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