Effective Persuasion to Close the Deal, you must be adept at getting your opinions and ideas heard, recognized and considered by others.

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Steven Stein, CEO of Multi-Health Systems, persuasion styles can range from reliance on position and power to education, encouragement and collaboration.

Most people rely on coercing or advocating their viewpoint, which can create a tension between parties, Stein said. It immediately draws a line in the sand between the two sides and leaves people feeling unheard and disrespected. Last year, you may have found yourself using these persuasion techniques:

  • Rationalizing when used correctly, rationalizing moves discussion to a less emotional space. It works best when the people involved haven’t already made up their minds about a certain topic. Some people react negatively to this persuasion style, assuming you value your data more than their feelings.
  • Asserting involves enforcing your dominance through your position or experience to explain why people should believe you. You ask people to comply rather than agree with you. Others can perceive this as aggressive, self-serving and competitive. If they don’t respect your position, your assertion will fall flat.

The turn of a New Year might be the time to change up your tactics. Effective Persuasion to Close the Deal, you may want to try pulling people toward you and your point of view. If you’re starting on opposite sides of disagreement, find a way to unite the two groups by using these techniques:

  • Bridging entails building partnership based on common, mutual interests. Establish trust by listening to what others have to say. Show you’re listening and then try to find something you agree upon. Finding somewhere small to start where you can agree might help you build toward a resolution.
  • Inspiring and encouraging others with a sense of shared purpose and exciting possibilities. Famous leaders, like Steve Jobs, are remembered for rallying their employees with passionate words and empowering people to share the same feelings.

Sources: Clinical psychologist Dr. Steven Stein, CEO of Multi-Health Systems

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