GORJEZ ATL magazine had the pleasure to have an one-on-one interview with the gutsy Panama Model/Actress/Boutique owner

Define fashion.

I define fashion as making a Gorjez statement in how you dress and feeling comfortable with it. Gorjez Fashion is  comfortable, stylish, elegant, tasteful and appropriate for any occasion.  Yes it could have boundaries but if it properly suited it could please any eye.



Growing up, was there signs your were going to embark into the world of modeling, fashion and acting?

Yes! I’m sure in every family there’s that one person who saw the potential in a child and spoke it into their life. I always enjoyed piecing different patterns together and making it my own. This would include home decor, shoes, hair you name it. I was always the oddball. Doing things on my own terms with an edgy overtone to it. In addition, acting has been a lifelong dream…This is why I look a little out there because I feel my destiny is now and I am taking full advantage of it!

What was it like opening your own boutique for the first time?

Can I be honest – Kelz Boutique was a humbling experience. Throwing my hat into the fashion industry was a huge balancing act – with reality show appearance, modeling jobs, and family can be overwhelming. However, owning a fashion boutique has always been a life dream of mine….thus, I felt the timing was right and took full advantage of the opportunity.

Kelz Kreations Boutique
Kelz Kreations Boutique| 2175 Cheshire Bridge Rd Atlanta Ga

Rules are meant to be broken, which are your favorite fashion rules to break?

One of my fashion rules I broke was that everything must match.  I am truly enjoying creating my own style by being free to do the unthinkable with unusual looks!

What does your spring lineup look like?

I see Gorjez things in fashion going into Spring – Bold, bright, and brilliantly textured, spring’s stripes will be a jolt of energy in a sea of classic Bretons. And while they come in all shades of the rainbow this season my favorites are those that featured graphic primary colors anchored down with some polished black.

What advice would you give young aspiring fashion designer, models and actresses?

The advice I would give is,  “stay true to your dreams.” No matter what the naysayers vision for your life- you must eat, sleep, dream and drive your dream until it becomes a reality.

Think Different | Think Gorjez

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