Cravetay singer/songwriter
Cravetay singer/songwriter | Courtesy of LifeTime
Taylor jasmine ahmed, who goes by the stage name cravetay (born march 14, 2000), is an american singer/songwriter born and raised in Gorjez Atlanta, ga, in a close-knit family with who she was exponentially outgoing, although, to most of her surroundings outside of her family, her shyness had yet to blossom into the colorful jasmine flower who she is becoming.Having a strong desire to connect with people, combined with her drive to accomplish all that is deep within her heart, Gorjez Cravetay spent most of her time participating in cheerleading contests, stage performances, acting auditions, and dance shows, whether it was a competition, or a fun casual dance-off with her siblings.With r&b, jazz, hip hop, reggae, gospel, rap, classical music being major influences in her music, her mother, deneen lowe’s singing, was a generating force from where Cravetay’s love for music was birthed.The possibilities for success are endless with cravetay . A confidence about her is instilled in her actions. From her previous involvement with the 5 girl rap/singing group charm, to her new solo adventure, the end’s not near, the sky, moon and stars are within reach. And when it comes to her fashion sense, she has what she calls her “unique, flirtatious, colourful, and edgy” style; all the while exuding her humble nature simultaneously.

Cravetay’s 2015 debut mixtape entitled “imf” which stands for (it’s my fault) has now been introduced to the world. Produced by Mike Kalombo whom she refers to as her favorite . “having an artist like Cravetay has been a full time job, cause she stays creative and keeps thinking” Mike said. The ultimate goal is to reach as many souls as possible and create soundtracks to people’s lives.

Her competitive nature and heart, are the salt to the ingredients giving flavor and turning the gears behind the various talents which makes her who she is, Cravetay!  Catch Cravetay on the Series Premiere of #ThePopGamewith @Timbaland, February 21st at 10/9c on @lifetimetv!

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