Welcome to Gorjez Magazine! This site is built with you in mind the ‘Sexy New Woman’ every man admire. Gorjez Magazine vision and mission is two folds 1) delivering awareness to the internal you! No matter the journey, you will find articles that will inspire and elevate you to a new kind of woman.  2) setting a stage to bring out your GENUINE Confidence, OUTSTANDING Intelligence, RELENTLESS attitude, JOVIAL Sense of Humor, ZEALOUS personality, and EXTRAORDINARY smile.

How Do You Define The Sexy New Woman?

The sexy new woman is the type of lady who knows who she is, and not afraid to go after it. She oozes with confidence, has her own style, and make her own decisions!

Every man desires a woman who sets the stage with:

  • Confidence

  • Intelligence

  • A Sense of humor

  • An Awesome smile

  • Social and family values

He realizes her Great Confidence is the secret to her beauty!

Gorjez is all about confidence
GORJEZ  is all about confidence| Getty Image

Ladies Take note, “It is ‘confidence’ and not ‘arrogance’ which makes this sexy woman stand out.”


A confident woman is an individual who knows her worth and does not settle. She is aware of her value, knows what she wants and understands the formula for getting it! She has self-respect and pimp very little or others to attain her goals. The lady utilizes her tools of knowledge and intelligence to achieve her life goal- not the bedroom.

As Jane Fonda states, “I have a confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet.”

Her OUTSTANDING Intelligence is the kind of mind that makes men respond to this sexy woman.

OUTSTANDING Intelligence, is the kind of  mind that makes men respond to her ability to be present
Her Intelligence is OUTSTANDING, the kind of mind men admire! | Getty Image

This means she is sharp, witty and responsive. A lady with this type of sharp mind takes the pressure off the man for being the sole problem-solver in a relationship.

Men are captivated by this type of  intelligent woman behind them because she gives them more confidence to be bold in their decision-making.”

Although she wants the adornment from her man, she’s not clingy. She’s comfortable on her own and she knows how to handle her life.

Even though she wants a man in her life, her world doesn’t revolve only around him. She knows how to do her own thing and can live life on her own terms.

The GORJEZ woman is RELENTLESS! This woman doesn’t have a victim mentality;

GORJEZ is the RELENTLESS woman who doesn't have a victim mentality
GORJEZ is the RELENTLESS woman who doesn’t have a victim mentality| Getty Image

she knows how to take responsibility for her actions, reactions, attitudes and behavior in all areas of her life. Her non-stop attitude doesn’t give herself room to wallow in a ‘poor me’ sort of mentality.

Life can be full of drama and unexpected circumstances, but the Gorjez woman knows how to look at the brighter side and do not allow stress and problems get the best of her.”

Her jovial Sense of Humor allows her to overlook or make light of comments that other women might frown on.

The GORJEZ sexy woman overlook or make light of comments that other women
The GORJEZ sexy woman overlooks or makes light of comments that other women might frown upon.| Getty Image

By developing a better understanding of humor you can look at life from an optimistic view — a view were pain and stress has no anchor” ~ Mz. E

In conclusion, the GORJEZ woman set the stage with Great Confidence, OUTSTANDING Intelligence, a RELENTLESS attitude, a JOVIAL Sense of Humor, an EXTRAORDINARY smile, and a ZEALOUS personality.

She is like a magnet and everyone wants to be in her companyA GORJEZ  sexy woman is all about the new woman who is God fearing, honest, loyal and can make you smile, laugh, feel good, excited and sexy!

So jump aboard the ship of all things Gorjez and together we will uncover true beauty, define fashion and mend relationships.

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