8 Signs You’re Emotional Needy Woman

  1. Look at your romantic partner to make you happy?
  2. Expect your partner to fulfill all your needs in love, sex, and support?
  3. Do you look to your partner for constant reassurance and validation? Are you looking for others to make you feel good about yourself — always looking outside ‘self’ for reassurance?  Do you feel abandoned if your partner is not available? Are you afraid your partner will not be there for you?
  4. Get upset if your partner doesn’t react in a certain way, doesn’t meet a need?
  5. If you are alone, do you do things to fill the void with other distractions? Or when alone, do you go over past conversations or worry that he/she might leave? Is it difficult to be alone?
  6. Is your relationship the center of your universe? What about your relationship with other friends or family? friends or your kids?
  7. Does it bother you if you are not included in your partner’s plans?
  8.  Get jealous of things that he/she is doing without you?

Being overly emotionally needy or too clingy can spell disaster for your relationship.

It’s OK to be tenderly caring and loving within a harmonious relationship, however, it’s not Ok to be emotionally needy –which is a huge turn off!

The root of emotional neediness 

As confident women, we are naturally born nurturers (which uniquely represent an awesome emotional value). 

The dictionary defines self-worth as “the sense of one’s own value or worth as a person.”

A probable cause of an emotionally needy or clingy person in a relationship could be a deep-seated belief that no one can consistently be loving towards you. This fundamental belief may stem from your upbringing or previous negative relationship experiences. Being overly emotionally needy, too demanding, clingy, annoying, fragile — can spell disaster for your relationship.

So we must set emotional boundaries if not this emotional gift will gradually lose its priceless worth.”

Attachment Styles

How you attach to other adults strongly relates to how you attached to others as a child. There are 4 distinct styles of attachment which are;


Comfortable with intimacy; not worried about rejection or preoccupied with the relationship.


Uncomfortable with closeness and primarily values independence and freedom; not worried about partner’s availability.

Ex 1. “I am uncomfortable being close to others or I find it difficult to trust and depend on others and prefer that others do not depend on me.”

Ex 2. “It is very important that I feel independent and self-sufficient” or “My partner wants me to be more intimate than I am comfortable being.”


Crave closeness and intimacy, very insecure about the relationship.

Ex 1. “I want to be extremely emotionally close (merge) with others, but others are reluctant to get as close as I would like.”

Ex 2. “I often worry that my partner doesn’t love or value me and will abandon me.”

Awareness is the first step to recognizing there is a problem with how you relate to others and the increase in anxiety and anxious feelings relationships bring out in you. Begin to explore your attachment style and start addressing how you can become less needy and clingy.

Become a Gorjez Woman

An intelligent woman never overcompensates within her meaningful relationships because she understands precisely caring too much is worse than not caring at all. By not setting boundaries and reasonable priorities, you merely enable your partner and progressively weaken yourself

Getting Pass the Pain of Doubt

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