3 Steps To Loving Yourself in order to bring more love into your life, you need to be love. This is especially important if you experience people not treating you well.

Loving Yourself

Remember that your thoughts are the cause of your life experiences, so if you think you’re unworthy, you will attract people, relationships and situations where you continue to think and feel that way.

Loving yourself first is the key to attracting more love into your life. It doesn’t mean that you will turn into a narcissistic person; it simply means that you will love you.

You can start by finding one thing you love about yourself each day and write it down on a list or in a journal. Remind yourself daily of what you love about yourself with the list or journal.

 Be happy now

Most people believe that they will be happy when they accomplish their goals, have more money, find the perfect partner, etc., but they are never happy in the now.

The people, events and obstacles in your life are meant to help you grow as a person and experience life; they are not the source of your own happiness.

You create your own happiness, so start with yourself and be happy in the now. As you become happiness on the inside, you will attract more happiness on the outside.

Focus on the positive

Every part of life has a negative or positive side. If you focus on the negative side of people or events, you’ll get more negativity in your life. Luckily, the same happens when you focus on the positive.

If you don’t have the best relationship with your parents or friends, focus on the things you love about them, whether it’s their personality traits or how they help you.

You can create a “What I Love About…” list for each of the person in your life and write down one thing you love about them each day.

As you focus more on what you love about another person, not only will your relationship with him/her improve, but you’ll also feel more love within yourself and feel more grateful for the people in your life.

When it comes to improving the relationships,  you have in your life, it all comes down to having love within yourself first. Love is the highest level of energy in the Universe, so the more you have, the more you will receive.

Master the Law of Attraction

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